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    Character Creation

    Unlike other pen and paper games; there's actually very little that you need to consider when you first create your character.

    All characters start as an Academy Student, right at the onset of their ninja career.

    On Nindomonogatari, most of the key system decisions that you would make at initial creation in other games are made slightly later in your character's life. The main reason for this is because we want you to get a feel for the game. We want you to get some experience with how we roleplay and let your character develop naturally and blossom into the more nitty-gritty system stuff.

    We also want to give you some time to really read through the system content without making you do all that reading before you can actually RP! You can look at all the game rules while you're writing and interacting with your village while getting some help and pointers before you have to make the key decisions about your character.

    We'll go over the actual requirements that you need in order to apply for your character. You're free to read through all of the content on the site, but the only things that are required are below.

    Character Creation Process

    Choose a village

    Your first step should be choosing a village; this will be your character's primary home, and where you'll be doing most of your RPing. Nindomo currently has 4 player controlled villages in which you can make your home in:
    • Leaf The Hidden Leaf Village is located in the Fire country. A simple village surrounded by lush forest, plains, and hills.
      • Links to deeper village introductions and the village zones would be here.
    • Cloud The Hidden Cloud Village is located in the Lightning country. A mountainous village that ranges from pleasant climates to extreme harshness.
      • Links to deeper village introductions and the village zones would be here.
    • Sand The Hidden Sand Village is located in the Wind country. A village wedged inside of a canyon surrounded by the harsh desert.
      • Links to deeper village introductions and the village zones would be here.
    • Stone The Hidden Stone Village is located in the Earth country. The village is comprised of inner sections of gigantic mountains and the surrounding areas.
      • Links to deeper village introductions and the village zones would be here.
    Follow the links above to read about each village. You can read about their history, and browse around their RP zones to get an idea of the area and the people that play there.

    After you've selected your village, click through to that village's character creation forum and make your application post.
    • Links to the village character creation forums would be here.
    What do you put in that post?

    Create your Application

    The application post is how the moderators will get a feel for the kind of character you're creating. It's a simple table of information:
    You're done! Submit your post, and a character creation moderator will get back to you.

    There might be a chance that a moderator will provide you some feedback before they accept you into the village. Usually these are things that are attempts to bring up the creativity of your character's design. Although we're not opposed to you playing a pop-culture character here on NM, the execution of your character should still fit our world; it should make sense in the Naruto world.

    Tropes are also fine, but even those should be executed on in creative ways. If you're too close to a run-of-the-mill character or character archetype we'll probably ask you to spice it up a little.

    Character Threads

    Now that your character has been accepted, you'll need to create a number of threads that contain your character's content. There are three types of threads that need to be created that will store various information for the remainder of your character's life.
    • Character Profile: This thread stores your character's info; it's the most important thread to you! You'll keep this constantly updated as your character grows and changes. Sometimes other information will be added as separate posts, but for the most part you should only need to maintain a single post that is your character profile. You should also check out the Profile Construction Tips to get some ideas on how to set it up.
      • Links to the village character profile forums would be here.
    • Training Thread: This thread is used to keep track of your weekly training. Training is how your character progresses through the system on Nindomo. It's a very important part of your character's growth. You should check out the Training Information for a deeper explanation.
      • Links to the village training forums would be here.
    • Dojo Thread: This thread is the catch-all thread that keeps track of all the other mechanical growth information. All event rewards, ability training awards, etc; these are the kinds of systems that use this thread.
      • Links to the village dojo forums would be here.


    You're officially done! You have your character and your village, and you can start roleplaying with other people.