NM Numerical Balance

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    The Numbers Table

    This table shows the statistics behind the game. Most of this is just data that represents what the numbers are at the various player levels.

    Some details about the table:
    • "DOD" is short for "Dodge".
    • The red numbers in the STAT and PL column represent the stat caps.
    • The numbers in bold at the right side of the table are the guidelines for determining damage/CP costs for ninjutsu and taijutsu at the six jutsu ranks. They don't have to follow these numbers exactly, but they shouldn't have too much deviation.
    • If a jutsu has accuracy bonuses or extra effects, it should lower the damage. A good rule of thumb is that +1 Accuracy should have -10% damage, and each extra effect of the jutsu should also have -10% damage.
    • Damage increases are possible, but should lower accuracy or add detrimental effects. It should be the reverse of the above.
    The two core theories about these numbers are:
    • Through training alone it takes 72 weeks to go from zero to fully capped. It's also easy to gain more stat points to shorten that time.
    • A linear progression was chosen to increase the ease of numerical balance. It might be slightly less interesting than exponential systems, but in the case of the core balance that's a good thing.