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    Current Roadmap

    This roadmap is intended to be updated as more things are highlighted. Although this one directly isn't supposed to be made public, as goals are solidified they should be announced as intended iterations.

    Priority 1

    These are the highest priority features. Currently this represents things that are required before the game can even go live.

    Finish Game Content

    You can see the sample content, but of course this needs to be finished out. This includes designing and implementing all of the content, as well as finishing up any rules that might be outstanding. Also things like explaining a bit more about how the Xenforo board itself works would be part of this step.

    Village Integration

    The backstory and the antagonist force are established, but I would like to bring village councils in at this point to provide slight modifications and tweaks to both in order to better have their villages integrated into the lore of the world. In order to observe one of the design pillars, I want to have the village leaders involved with the overall lore of the world in order to give the entire world and the whole playerbase an inclusive experience, while at the same time having them stick a bit closer to the world's story.

    This step also includes creating all of the forums required on the board, IC and OOC.

    Priority 2

    Features and foci that are next on the list to support running the game.

    Game Maintenance

    I would like to start with just a keen focus on feedback and player experiences. This is essentially our playtesting phase so we need to keep on top of anything that might directly be broken or be causing a negative player experience.

    Village Event Support

    I don't want to do a big game event early on; I want players to develop their characters and simply interact with each other and the core systems present. However villages may want to hold smaller story-dev events, and we should support and foster those things.

    Quest Rewards System

    Quest Tokens are a thing that--in the rules--are explained not to do anything. The reason for this is because I want to determine exactly what kind of rewards they can give. The idea is that the questing system allows players to play the game in unique ways, and the rewards from the system allows the player to obtain unique things--such as the legendary items system.

    I don't think that we need to list out all of the uses for Quest Tokens right now, we just need to make sure that the ways we are giving players rewards is amenable to future uses for those rewards.

    Priority 3[/h3]
    These are the first pieces of 'new' content that I would like to see considered and developed.

    First World Event

    Now is when we should develop and implement our first world event. Ideally this would push our board storyline; develop a few antagonists and maybe some helpful NPCs.

    Summoning Contracts

    The Summoning Technique is one of the coolest parts about the Naruto universe, and I would like to see it represented on Nindomo. How we implement them is really going to be the tricky thing; in Naruto they have a hierarchy that isn't really amenable to a game like this. What we need to do is really think about what we want summons to accomplish and provide for our players here.

    My current vision is that they are a way players can augment their mechanical builds with things that are not available to players at all; unique mechanics and abilities that only contracts can provide. I would also like to provide them with a long quest string filled with RP challenges in order to even obtain a contract. Lastly I'd like a way for players to provide some light customization within their contract so that they can still have some uniqueness.

    Priority 4

    These are just stubs of ideas that we can look into for new content and additions.

    Additional BL/CA/KIN

    Now might be a good time to start looking into our BL/CA/KIN list and seeing if there are any that we want to overhaul, or if we want to add any.

    Advanced Shop

    We should provide content for players who become capped in the system. The intent of the 'advanced shop' is to allow players who cannot gain any more stats to continue to train and get a pool of points that they can spend in some kind of advanced shop. This shop should provide very few game additions, but instead new RP opportunities or board features. New RP slots, extra money, ect.

    One of the advanced shop options I'd like to see is a sort of "New Character_" option. Something that allows players to start a new character with unique aspects. Special BL/CA/KIN, abilities, jutsu; all kinds of things that provide senior players with unique and interesting RP and system opportunities.
    I would like to provide players

    Legendary Items

    I envision giant, long, epic quests that take a player's character around the NM world, really challenging their writing abilities, creativity, and even parts of the game system for them. I want the journey to be the awesome part; the reward is cool, but the steps to get there are really the things that develop characters and give the players rewarding experiences. The groundwork for this system is already present in the quests and the quest rewards.

    There are a lot of questions about exactly what a 'legendary item' is and it's a very thin line to walk between worthwhile and overpowered, so this is going to take a lot of time and thought.