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    I felt it was important to at least include a couple fanfiction works.


    I had this idea a while ago, and I really wanted to see it come to fruition. I like a good crossover fanfic, and I hope I can amuse people with this one. Besides, Talon having an assassin-off with Ezio kinda just sounds cool to me.

    For reference, anything in italicized quotes is spoken in Italian; might explain some things.



    “Ezio. Ezio!” The urgent voice caught the assassin off guard, sitting at his desk rifling through some intelligence papers. He set them down and turned around, looking curiously at the doorway as a man rushed through, holding a leather satchel in his hand.

    “Machiavelli, what is it?” his deep voice inquired, standing slowly and taking the side of his exhausted friend and compatriot. The taller man leaned against the door, catching his breath. Ezio’s curious eyes were more focused on the item, which Machiavelli noticed and, despite still breathing heavy, held it up and began to open it.

    “A recluta and her comrade raided a Templar wagon earlier today and found this…” He pulled the flap back on the satchel, revealing a lustrous silver. Taking a deep breath and wiping his brow he continued. “As soon as they handed it to me I knew you had to see it as soon as possible, I ran faster than the wind to get it into your hands.” Pulling back more of the leather, Niccolo revealed more brilliant silver outlining a pristine mirrored surface. Ezio’s eyes lit up as he beheld the silver’s ornate design, looking very familiar…

    “Niccolo this is…” Was all that Ezio was able to say as the realization hit him. Carefully he reached out and took the object from the man, holding it delicately like a child. He let the satchel fall to the floor, fully exposing the item in question to him. Its luster fooled the eye into giving it a faint glow, the silver of the decorative rim complementing the pale reflection of the mirror. The designs that embroidered the entire thing were stunningly beautiful; hauntingly so considering the assassin’s recent run-in with a similarly-designed staff.

    “I know, Ezio. It bears a frightening resemblance to the description you gave me.” Machiavelli finally found his breath, standing straight with his eyes also locked to the mirror. Ezio just nodded, finding himself awestruck for the second time in recent memory. The ghostly figure’s message while he was in the Vault was forever burned into his mind; the Pieces of Eden and their design, and now not but weeks after his encounter he beheld another. Though he was quick to disbelieve with the odd nature of his encounter; the evidence was just too clear, and the mirror he held in his hands seemed to confirm it all the more. There was just something about the metal he held that elicited his familiarity of that Vault; something that caused his mind to tell him this was another Piece.

    “What are your secrets, mirror…?” Ezio said to the silver he held; so engrossed in it he forgot about his comrade’s presence next to him. Rhetorical though the question was, it was undeniable that the man’s mind burned for an answer. His encounter with the shadow woman did nothing but plant more and more questions, and on top of the recent events in Monteriggioni have been nothing but stress on the assassin; a break to provide him with a bit of ease would be most welcome. He was staring at nothing but his own reflection, studying to the best of his ability.

    Just as his frustration began to rise, made worse by the fact that he could see his annoyance in his own face, the mirror actually began to glow, a faint blue to match the silver of the object. Machiavelli’s face dropped in an awestruck gape, while Ezio’s remained steadfast, containing his surprise in favor for analysis. His eyes darted around the sheen, looking for anything, anything at all that might give him some insight into his myriad of questions. It only took a second before he noticed a change in his reflection. The glimmer of his face twisted and contorted, the image changing into something that wasn’t his own. It skewed and spun, colors shifting and blending into something new, like a projection of something otherworldly. Ezio’s face finally began to show his surprise, holding the mirror before him with his gaze locked upon it.

    “Ezio… What do you see?” Niccolo finally managed to find his words, stepping to his friend’s side. He looked upon the mirror, but all he saw was Ezio’s face reflecting back, tinted slightly by the blue glow that radiated from the silver rim.

    “A… A forest…” Ezio began, eyes surveying the scene through the looking glass, “unlike anything I’ve ever seen before… The trees are unnatural, and the life that walks through them is jus-“ His words were cut short by a screech coming from the mirror, a high-pitched whine that seemed to shake the mirror itself. Both Machiavelli and Ezio clenched their hands to their ears, the latter dropping the mirror in the process. As it fell to the floor, a flash of light shot forth from its surface, consuming Ezio in the rays. It was in just a split second that it happened, and as soon as it came it subsided; the light, the sound, and to Machiavelli’s horror, Ezio.

    “Ezio… Ezio?!” Niccolo began to panic uncharacteristically, greatly confused by the events that had just transpired. He bent down and lifted the mirror, ordinary in all things now save its design, mouth hanging open in his distress and puzzlement; he had no idea what just happened, all he knew was that the master assassin was now missing, leaving only the Piece of Eden in his wake.

    For Ezio the transition was almost instantaneous; in one second he was in his study, and in the blink of an eye and the flash of light he was not, finding himself in the clearing of a forest. The transportation had left the man on his knees, looking around and blinking in wonder. He seemed to be next to a river that cut through a lane-like opening. He only had a moment to collect himself, however; as on either side of him approached a number of… Creatures. They were short and armored, clad in blue and purple robes. Some of them carried shields and clubs, others longer staves with glowing globe ends. Slowly but steadily they charged towards the assassin.

    “What… What is this?” Was all he could muster, getting to his feet and quickly looking to both his flanks. The creatures made no signs of stopping, made no effort to communicate with him; just marched forward mindlessly. Although he would’ve preferred talk to action at the moment; as they closed in he saw no other alternative, flicking both his wrists to expose his hidden blades. Darting his eyes left and right, with a quick dash he stuck his left arm out, turning to the right and planting his steel straight into the apparent head of one of the purple-garbed things. He expected blood but nothing came, the thing just crumpled under his attack and swung its club at him. Ezio placed his foot on the thing’s chestplate, ripping his blade out of the cloth with a horizontal slashing motion that seemed to do the trick, making the creature buckle and slump to the ground without ever connecting its attack. He had little time to process the results from his attack as he heard the shuffling of feet, more of the things descending upon him.

    He gave a furious cry, time seeming to slow down around him as he judged the attacks of the hostiles. He used the gauntlet of his hidden blade to block one of the clubs, easily swinging the other blade across the chest of that one, following it up with a thrust deep into the cloth; causing it too to buckle. He took his first hit, a square blow to his lower flank; luckily not causing too much pain, only increasing his fury as he thrust both his wrist-blades into the culprit, ripping them back out with a force enough to cleave the thing in half. He made even quicker work of a blue attacker, a one-two blade slash bringing it to the forest floor.

    “Hey! HEY!” He heard a voice call over the noises of battle around him, managing to tumble deftly passed a swinging club and a bit away from the remaining group. It came from a violently red-haired woman that was running towards him. He couldn’t get a good look at her other than her bright hair and her dark attire, but he did notice the long glistening blades she brandished in her aggressive run. She was still a distance away, but the way she conducted herself told Ezio that she was the bigger threat. “Who the hell are you?!” He could hear the voice but he didn’t understand the language, her closing in much quicker than the previous wave of creatures.

    As she approached, Ezio decided to approach also, running towards her. The woman narrowed her eyes, running a bit quicker. Ezio flung his right arm forward, flicking his wrist in a different manner and exposing the gun barrel attached to his arm. The redhead had very little time to react before the bullet fired suddenly, managing to bring her blades up to deflect the shot, using the momentum to roll to the side. Ezio saw the opportunity present itself as the gap was closed, leaping into the air and putting his blades forward, targeted straight at the blades-woman’s turquoise eyes, which widened as the steel descended upon her. Ezio hit the ground, blades clacking against grass with no body resistance, a puff of smoke replacing the woman’s form. With a dumbstruck expression, hearing the tang of steel behind him he turned around, to his surprise seeing his target there, charging towards him yet again; a killer lust in her eye that wasn’t there just a moment before; he could swear it almost glowed a dull red. He brought his blades up and clenched his teeth, ready to block the force of her attack, but a sudden boom came from the side of him, stopping him and his attacker dead in their tracks.

    Two more sounds of equal magnitude heralded the arrival of three cloaked figures; their regal purple and blue robes trimmed with elegant gold. They surrounded Ezio and the woman, their cloaks billowing against the wind and chaos caused by the creatures clashing behind them. Ezio had his arms raised, blades defending him from these new additions to his battle. The five of them simply stood for a moment, eyeing each other in silence before one of the robed figures spoke, a masculine voice coming from under his darkened hood.

    “You. Who are you?” He was short with his words, facing Ezio. The assassin’s eyes locked to him, guard remaining ever vigilant. He understood this man’s words, though he wasn’t speaking Italian. He felt something wash over him; a relief maybe, or something else as he narrowed his eyes in his stare.

    “I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze; Assassino.” He was quick to reply, as the other two robed figures broke their formation, swiftly making their way in either direction down the clearing they were in. As they passed by the creatures they stopped, halting all movements and slumping over, as if contraptions being deactivated. Ezio’s hardened eyes remained focused on the robed man still left, with his attention partially divided to the red-haired woman still standing near him, who had mostly dropped her aggressive stance, watching him with slightly interested curiosity.

    “How did you get here?” Another curt question, quieter now that the activity in the forest had died down. Ezio’s eyes remained focused, debating how much information to give; considering he had no idea where he was however, divulging a bit much might be of his best interest. He lowered his blades slightly, standing a bit taller.

    “I was examining a Piece of Eden; a mirror, when I was transported to this… Strange place.” The hooded man stood motionless, processing the information he had been told. Again silence echoed through the forest for a moment before being broken.

    “Ezio Auditore, please come with us to the Institute of War so we may inform you of the situation at hand.” The voice seemed to lighten slightly, not quite as aggressive or annoyed as it was. Noticing the woman beside him lower her blades fully, Ezio did the same, flicking his wrists and retracting his weapons, looking at the robed one.

    “I know not what this ‘Institute of War’ is, bu-“

    “Excuse me,” the woman piped up, taking a slow step towards both of the men, looking between them, “as the representative of the Noxian house Du Couteau, I would prefer to inform this Ezio myself,” she explained, pulling the name card and setting it on the figurative table. Ezio looked slightly confused, but as long as he got some answers he honestly couldn’t care less where he was; though he did feel it a bit strange that the woman whom he had just moments before clashed blades with offered him some form of hospitality. He did notice that he could understand her now; though she was speaking in the same form as the robed man.

    “Katarina Du Couteau. Noxius will be held responsible for the outsider’s actions while he is in your custody. We shall make the necessary arrangements to return him to his world the meantime.” Back to the curtness, he turned quickly on his heel, walking away from the two and down the very shallow river. Ezio watched him depart before he was interrupted by the woman.

    “Come, Ezio.” He drew his eyes to her as she sheathed her blades on her belt, letting them dangle dangerously at her thighs while she turned and began to walk up the clearing. Having nowhere else to go, Ezio followed, still a bit cautious.

    “Where… Am I?”

    “Where to begin…?”

    “…And ssso the League has long since stopped bringing heroes from other worlds to Runeterra, but sssometimes magical spikes in multiple realms can cause a fluctuation and pull people to our world,” a smooth female voice finished, its owner behind a darkened veil covering a doorframe. Ezio found himself in the conference room of the Du Couteau manor; having been lead there from ‘Summoner’s Rift’, the ‘Field of Justice’ that he had appeared on. Along the way he had gotten a basic overview of where he was, some information about Runeterra, the League and the Institute. In addition Ezio got to explain a bit about himself; the Assassin Order, the Templar and their endless war; his encounter with the Vault, the spirit woman, and the Pieces of Eden. Although Katarina didn't explain to him the details of the probable cause of his transportation; that’s what she brought him here for, meeting with… Someone behind the veil, he couldn’t even so much as see an outline, but the way she spoke was very regal, noble, though her ‘s’ hang with an almost serpentine hiss.

    “So… How do I return home?” the assassin questioned, standing in the middle of the room. He looked at the three--well--two other people and a veiled doorway in his inquiry, from Katarina to a man who was leaning against a window, looking out it unconcerned. His purple garb looked like a modification of Ezio’s own assassin robes, but the brown leather tails that formed his cape were a bit much, the assassin thought. They had not yet been properly introduced, but the other man seemed disinclined to rectify that.

    “Well… An influx of magic sssimilar to the one that brought you here should achieve a reaction that can sssend you back to your realm.” The words made Ezio’s heart sink slightly.

    “I… Am not even sure if the Pieces of Eden exist in this world; I wouldn’t even know where to begin…” His eyes fell to the floor with his disheartening proclamation. The room fell completely silent, just the ticking of a large clock chiming on the second. Quiet moments passed as thoughts bombarded the man; what would become of him? His family? His order? He lifted his hands, looking at them, through them as the realizations hit him. Luckily for him Katarina gave a noise of exclamation, pulling his attention to her.

    “A mirror… You said it was a mirror that transported you here?”

    “Y-yes, it was a small silver hand mirror,” he sounded a bit hopeful, grasping at something, anything. Katarina had her hand to her chin in thought, looking at the floor.

    “I remember receiving some intel about Demacia getting a hold of a magical item, a mirror.” The information made Ezio cock a curious eyebrow before Kat continued. “I highly doubt it’s the same mirror, but maybe its magic could work in the same fashion and send you back.” He nodded, standing taller.

    “Well then, let us make haste and ask this ‘Demacia’ for the mirror.” His declaration caused Katarina’s face to turn sour.

    “We cannot simply ask Demacia such a thing. They are not our allies,” the seriousness in her voice was more apparent than usual, “they have a stranglehold on the people of their city and everything that resides within it.” Her words and tone were masterfully crafted, causing Ezio’s face to harden.

    “Sounds like the Templar,” he said simply. The way he said it with his point of disgust caused Katarina to smile lightly, thinking quick.

    “They are essentially… Controlling the citizens through might and fear; using their power to oppress and spread their ideals through force.” Her words served to anger Ezio, clenching his fist as she basically described everything his order stood against. He spent a moment calming himself, taking a deep breath and relaxing again.

    “Well then… This ‘Demacia’ will not mind if I liberate the mirror from their grasp.” His words made Kat’s smirk widen, nodding in agreement.

    “I have heard that Demacia plansss to move a recent magical acquisition from the Institute to the city-ssstate tomorrow morning,” the voice behind the curtain chimed in, Kat nodding at the knowledge.

    “Talon,” she sent a quick word, looking over to the purple-garbed man at the window. He merely huffed his reply. “Accompany Ezio to the Institute. You two have similar fighting styles, perfect for culling the Demacian ranks on your way to the target.” The words made the man scoff, indignant at the idea of having similar tactics to this outsider. He continued to just look out the window for a moment before sighing, pushing himself from his lean against the wall and turning to Katarina, bowing lightly.

    “Yes ma’am.” Obeying orders, he walked slowly to the assassin’s side, looking him over skeptically. Though he said nothing, his eyes told the story of his disbelief, his doubt of Ezio’s talent and ability to keep up with the shadow of blades. He shrugged arrogantly, making his way to the exit. “Come, it’s a few hours journey, we should make it after nightfall.” With an annoyed look Ezio nodded and followed. 'This is going to be interesting…’ He thought to himself.

    The city around the Institute was as busy and bustling as ever; covered in people from all over Runeterra and of all classes and backgrounds. There were few places better in all of Valoran for two men of stealth to apprehend a target. The sun hanging high in the air, shining brightly upon the business of the cobblestone street the assassins walked down. White and purple hoods drawn over their heads; they bobbed and weaved between the people, drifting between the bodies like flowing water.

    “You understand the mission?” the gruff voice of the Noxian was low, barely audible above the noise of the city.

    “Yes, signore,” Ezio replied dryly. He was getting slightly annoyed at Talon’s consistent curtness and doubt of his abilities. The entire trip over was full of scorn and contempt; constantly being judged for no reason rather rudely.

    “There are eleven guards total. They should already be on their way out of the Institute, heading this way. We are to-“

    “Yes. Signore.” Very short, Ezio cut the other assassin off, his eyes darting around the area. It was a typical market type street, similar to Roma but with a much more… Interesting group of people. There were many sights and sounds unfamiliar to the Italian, but now was not the time to wonder; he was an assignment, and he needed to be familiar with his surroundings. Talon just sighed, going back to scowling in silence. Only a few moments passed before both men caught it; a group of taller, much more armored men walking towards them. Each assassin lowered their heads, blending into the thick crowd around them, navigating to either side of the small parade and passing by the men. As soon as the party had walked by, Talon and Ezio converged back next to each other, turning on their heels and beginning to follow shortly behind the Demacian guards.

    “Tch,” Talon gave a light scoff as the crowd seemed to tighten around them. The world worked against them today; crowding citizens around and making their attempt that much more difficult. Talon’s blades itched, if he had his way he would just cut clean through each body in his path, but this was to be quick, clean, and quiet, or at least as much as possible. Ezio too was surveying the scene with annoyance, but with less desire to murder aimlessly and more attempting to formulate a plan. He looked around to the stalls and the shops along the edge of the surprisingly thin street; watching people exchange coin that was placed into weird box contraptions with many buttons. There were tables set up in front of some of the stone buildings, stands of merchandise or just sellers making profit there rather than inside. “This is not going to end well, there’s far too many people to prevent this turning into a bloodbath. We need to-“

    “When I give the signal, take out the man on the left, and then prepare for a fight,” Ezio said surely though his thick accent. Talon rose his hood slightly, looking with a bit of disbelief to the Assassino.

    “What are you, crazy? There’s too many people here and-“ Ezio did not reply, in the middle of Talon’s rant he broke his stride, moving quickly and swiftly to the right. “What the hell’s the signal!? Damnit!” The Noxian cursed deeply, returning his eyes forward with contempt, darting them over to try to keep tabs on the man in white. Ezio quickly walked to the side of the street, between two of the busier merchant stands. With a deft leap, he hopped up on the rickety table, planting his foot right next to the money box which elicited a shocked sound of disapproval from the merchant helping someone on the other side of the table. He pushed down, leaping off the makeshift platform; his momentum causing it to buckle and fall over, the box hitting the floor and shattering, spilling coin everywhere. From his position he reached his other leg out to the second table, another conveniently placed box of cash meeting his foot and using it as another jumping point. That one too crashed to the ground and spilled its contents, tons of coins now scattered across the floor as Ezio reached his hand out to a window sill, grabbing it and heaving himself up unto the rooftops of the short buildings, beginning to walk.

    Both shopkeeps shouted their obscenities, looking up at the robed assassin as he ignored them and continued on, but their attention soon changed to the street before them, demeanor shifting to panic as the crowd was roused; with so much gold scattered across the ground a riot had started, citizens clambering on top of each other to grab whatever they could. People started running from a bit down the street to see what the commotion was, hearing shouts of gold and free-for-all. Ezio simply strode across the rooftops, watching as the crowd around the guards—who paid no mind to the clamor, focused solely on their mission—thinned to almost nothing, leaving them pretty well alone in the street save for the purple-hooded assassin stalking them.

    Talon had been watching the entire scene, his focus shifting only between the guards before him and Ezio above; starting to get the man’s plan now. He just watched, the itch in his steel getting more and more restless. Not moments passed before he saw the glint from his comrade’s wrist; the rays of the sun reflecting off his hidden blade. Talon mirrored the motion, from under his cloak he equipped his trusty arm blade; holding it behind him as he waited with baited breath. Ezio crouched and sped up his tail, and after a second leapt cleanly, coasting through the air gracefully, arcing his blade and reaching his palm out. His body collided with the right rear guard in the same second that one hand wrapped around the man’s mouth, the hidden blade finding its way into the Demacian’s ribcage below the hem of his armor.

    Talon had taken Ezio’s leap as the signal, crouching and sprinting forward in that time, revealing his blade in a swift motion. As the white-robed assassin connected his blade to his target, Talon’s cleanly swept upward from behind the other man, the tip stabbing straight into his venerable throat, sapping the life cleanly and silently. Both armored bodies slumped to the ground, their protective metal covered in their blood as it clanged with the stone ground. As the assassins had assumed, the two guards in front of the now missing men had their curiosity piqued by the noise, turning around just in time to give a cry, seeing two blood-soaked blades hurling quickly towards them. Talon caught the throat again, Ezio weaving his weapon up through the ribcage, and with the same ease as before they took down these two. Discarding the bodies with less care, the remainder of the guards turned around, arming themselves in the barren street in front of the gold-induced chaotic backdrop. One of the more eager guards drew his sword and swung down hastily. The assassins rolled away from each other, flanking and separating the remaining guards and beginning their fight.

    Ezio straightened himself on one knee, looking at the three men who bore down on him. One man wielded a surprisingly, almost unnaturally large axe, while the other two each brandished two short swords. The three guards launched at him at the same time, fanning out slightly to leap upon him. The master assassin, noticing how the axe wielder moved slower, picked the direction for his movement. Much lighter on his feet than any of the three, in a flurry of white cloth he sprang forward, dodging the four blades until he reached his target. The axe swung downward with great force, but the sluggish speed was no match for the assassin’s dodge. In his motion he rose his left hand, still un-bladed until he grabbed a hold of the cloth covering his opponent’s metal armor, grabbing it and turning his wrist to point upward, twisting the cloth in his hand and tightening his hold. In the man’s moment of weakness from his attack he could only gape as the assassin gave his arm a light flick, the blade from within the contraption shooting forth, stabbing clean into his victim’s trachea. Ezio let go of the fabric at the same time he brought his knee up to connect with the steel side of the man’s armor, sending the weight to the side across his wrist blade, slashing straight through the throat and staining the white of his sleeve. The body fell lifelessly at his side as he tossed a sure glance over to the Noxian.

    Surprised, Talon gave Ezio an impressed grin before he turned his attention to the three men before him as well, one using a medium broadsword, one dual-wielding short blades, and a surprisingly small man holding a crossbow at the ready. Talon turned and lept to the side, putting the two melee guards between him and his ranged attacker. Thinking quickly, he did not dawdle in his attack, starting off with a quick concentrated breath as his blade was consumed in a golden aura. As the Demacian swordsmen attacked in unison, Talon grit his teeth, leaping back and a bit to the side to dodge them. Without thinking the Noxian’s tailed coat rose as though blown up by a gust of wind, his free hand reaching behind his back under the cloth and taking up a handful of large daggers, assisted by his assassin magic. With great force he hurled them forward; three weapons spinning through the air, connected by a blue hue of magic. The broadsword guard was slightly in front of the other caught the brunt of the attack; the blades cutting straight through his body deeply and carelessly. The other man had been slashed as well, the spinning knives cutting into him only slightly before they pulled back in towards the blade’s shadow, catching the first guard on the way back in much the same fashion, shredding him almost completely through, the tattered remains of his body and armor falling in a bloody mess to the street below. Talon grasped the dirtied blades, putting them back under his cloak as he smirked arrogantly back over to the Assassino.

    Ezio scoffed slightly, the display of mystical bloodshed impressive, but his wonder was to be contained for the time being, as he had his own two remaining attackers to worry about. The four swords came down upon his location, ducking passed two and using his hidden blades to block and deflect the two others, leaping a short distance away and facing his opponents. They only took a second to breath and ready their weapons again, but that was all it took for the Italian to think on his feet. As the men attacked, one in front of the other, the assassin stood tall and rose his right arm, giving his wrist a flick and exposing the hidden gun within; taking little time to aim before the gunpowder exploded, the lead ball careening towards the two men. The first swordsman ducked to the side, dodging and continuing in his charge. The other man was not so lucky, struck straight in the shoulder; his steel armor being pierced by the bullet and causing him to recoil in a cry of pain. Ezio’s attention shifted to the man who had closed the gap, the swords thrusting forward to spear him. His dodge was deft; leaping to the side, the steel catching his robe in a light tear. His left arm shook, tossing something from within his sleeve down, two small spheres hit his attacker’s foot and legs and exploded on contact. The armored grieves buckled under the explosions, causing their wearer to shriek in agony and collapse to the floor. Quickly Ezio weaved to the other man, elbowing him in the gunshot and stabbing his wrist; in a quick motion disarming him and taking his blade for himself. The assassin displayed his own skill at swordplay, slashing his target across the middle under his armor before planting the blade down through the exposed top of his chest, skewering him clean through. He let the man fall and grabbed his other sword on the way down, turning around to his previous target. He wasted no time in his attack, dashing forward and using the man’s prone position to his advantage; the tip of his stolen weapon finding the connecting point of the armor and piercing in and up, running him through to stop his pained struggles. Ezio stood tall and; for the first time his own confidence shown through, tossing his grizzled smirk back to his comrade.

    Talon gave a nod, matching his partner’s smirk before he heard the click of a sight, eyes glancing over to the final remaining guard in his half. The second the trigger was pulled the Noxian narrowed his eyes, summoning up a burst of magic before vanishing, the crossbow bolt landing dangerously in the stone at where Talon’s feet used to be. The Demacian gave a gasp, the only sound he could muster as he found his throat slit carefully; able to breathe but unable to speak, body in a painful shock as he stuttered in his gasping breath. He turned around slowly to look into the cunning eyes of the assassin now behind him. Talon simply sneered, his still-glowing arm blade tearing upward in an arc, showing true Noxian diplomacy as his target’s arm and portion of his head was severed, bleeding profusely as his body fell dead onto the stone. The purple-robed assassin stood slowly, turning to look at Ezio as they caught glances, exchanging an assassin’s knowing and both turning to the final guard; the largest of the group. He had been protecting the box he was holding, it resting at his feet now as he held his large, very large, obnoxiously large sword. He brandished it threateningly, gritting his teeth and ready for the attack.

    “A Vanguard member… Garen’s subservient,” Talon said, the words lost on Ezio. The large man struck up a manly battlecry and rose his mighty blade, cuing the action of the assassin team. Without hesitation they charged forward, closing the gap faster than the guard could’ve ever assumed, his blade in the air and all his weaknesses exposed. Talon’s larger arm blade struck his target’s underarm while Ezio’s smaller right hidden blade collided with his unarmored lower side. They crossed each other to the opposite side of the Demacian, Talon spinning and swinging his blade down to slash against the man’s exposed face and upper chest while Ezio’s double short blades combo’d almost inhumanly fast along the middle of the large guard with a number of quick thrusts and slashes. Each man planted their feet in the ground and pushed, their momentum combining as their respective blades shot upward; in unison piercing the chin and up through the head of their target. With a lifeless twitch the huge sword fell to the cobblestone, followed shortly by its owner’s body atop it. Their section of the street, littered with the armored bodies was calm now, contrasting the still-raging quarrel for coin a short distance away.

    “Riposa in pace," Ezio said simply, his native language breaking through in his prayer, bowing his head respectfully.

    “You should waste no time.” Talon ignored the gesture and bent down to the small box, grabbing it and giving it a quick smash with the side of his hand, breaking the light bindings with ease. Ezio nodded as he watched Talon open the lid, revealing the glistening object inside. His eyes widened as he beheld the mirror within the velvet-lined box, eyes darting around its golden rimmed surface. The markings and ornate designs were almost exactly the same as the mirror he had found; save for the golden metal rather than silver. With a flick of his wrists he withdrew his bloody blades, reaching a hand out to delicately grasp the cold precious metal, lifting it out of its prison and turning it over in his hands. Talon too was looking at the prodigious designs of their target, having never seen anything like it in his travels through Valoran.

    “Thank you, my friend.” Ezio looked up to his counterpart assassin, extending his hand as he held the mirror in his other.

    The Noxian simply grinned, grasping the Assassino’s hand in a firm shake; the bond the men shared through their assassin nature strengthening. “May you see victory in your endeavors, Ezio Auditore.”

    “And you as well, Talon of Noxus.” Ezio nodded, bringing the mirror up and gazing upon it. He looked apprehensively into the reflective surface, seeing his chiseled face, not even a drop of blood upon it from his endeavors. He stared for a moment before a familiar feeling washed over him, the mirror glowing a dim yellow and his reflection starting to twist and contort on the glass. Soon he was looking at the courtyard of his Tiber Island assassin headquarters. A battle was raging, he saw his fellow white-robed assassins battling the cross-garbed templar, feeling his fury boil quickly. “Templar…”

    “Go.” Talon gestured, a harsh smirk on his face. “Noxius is with you. Forever strong.” Ezio lifted his eyes and matched his nod, and before he could look back down at the mystical object he heard a familiar screech, a cascade of light bursting forth and consuming him. In a second he was gone, the mirror laying mundanely on the ground. Talon lowered the arm he shielded his eyes with, picking up the mirror and looking it over. “Forever strong,” he repeated before slipping the object into his robe and making his way from the bloody street.

    The wide courtyard was chaotic, ruthless fighting waging all around the greenery as the two factions clashed. Machiavelli wielded his long blade, defending himself against two Templar soldiers while clutching the mirror. He was pushed back, two versus one while one-handed was working against him as he grit his teeth, taking a slash painfully to the arm. As he pondered his escape a glint of blue caught his eye, looking down to see the mystical light enshroud the mirror. He gasped in surprise before the wail of noise erupted from the object with the familiar flash of light. It subsided as quick as it began, revealing the master assassin standing above it, tall and proud in his robes.

    “By God's… E-Ezio!” Niccolo could’ve fell to his knees in happiness and exhaustion, seeing the confident form of his friend. Ezio turned coolly to nod, happy to be back home despite the raging battle. In the time it took him for turn back to face the attackers however, numerous soldiers had surrounded him, each barring their weapons threateningly. Although his stance remained firm and undaunted, Ezio’s mind raced with the disadvantage he was at, quickly attempting to formulate an escape.

    Forever strong. Talon’s words echoed in his head in confident Italian. Charged, unnaturally so, with a feeling he remembered from Runeterra, something struck the assassin. Raising his arms, the soldiers gave their simultaneous battle cry, charging towards him in unison. As they got just a meter away from him, Ezio suddenly spun quickly around, a blue light bursting forth from him. Tons of blades shot out in all directions, each one with an ethereal after-image of itself in its wake. They spun and tore through the attackers, blood spilling from each as they stumbled backwards from the force. The magical daggers hovered in the air for a split second before Ezio steeled himself, the blades returning in the same arc and cutting again through each attacker on their way back, killing them all in turn. The numerous bodies slumped down to the grass as the blades reached Ezio’s body, disappearing into nothing and leaving no trace of themselves. Machiavelli gaped in amazement and stumbled over, his mind trying to convince itself his eyes did not see what they just did.

    “Come, friend. We are winning this day.” Ezio turned, offering a hand to help the man up. Niccolo took the assassin’s help, getting to his feet and managing to shake off his awe. With flicks of their wrists, both men armed their hidden blades and charged back into the fray.
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